From the inspiration of Biel/Bienne musician Emilio Vidal, Inuit Pagoda offer an intense and versatile soundscape that is sometimes delectable, sometimes impetuous. A melting pot of cultures, the Swiss band develop an intuitive music that flirts with genres and emotions. With Backflows, their debut 4-track EP on Creaked, Inuit Pagoda weld live instrumentation to atmospheric experimentations for output that could be described as both warm krautrock and ionized jazz.

Composed in collaboration with Nikola Jan Gross (sax) and Jonas Albrecht (drums), this EP includes three sweeping, energetic tracks that take you on a journey through jazz, post-rock, trance, minimalism, sinking horns chords and throbbing guitar lines —all infused with a contemporary touch and an intellect that pushes things as far as possible to the edge. The closing track brings a more dance-oriented rework of ‘Boíka’ by prolific drummer Arthur Hnatek with a blend of rhythmic gimmickry showcasing his love of modern electronic styles —from warehouse techno and melodic house to warm glitch in equal parts.

Backflows is a promising first look at a conceptual band who constantly work to keep up with emerging artistic forms.


Released on: 06.10.2023
Catalogue N°: CRDS78
Artwork by: Théophile Glauser (U-Zehn)


1. Vacuum
2. Cutter Strokes
3. Boíka
4. Boíka (Arthur Hnatek Remix)

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