Islands Of Memory

Cat. number: CRDS06
Release date: 23 Feb 2006

Islands Of Memory is the long awaited lost EP from Norwegian duo Alog that was recorded during the summer of 1999 in Malmö, Sweden. It was scheduled for release around the time of the Duck-Rabbit CD for Rune Grammofon.

Due to unknown problems at the vinyl plant, it never saw the light of day, and was lost boiling in the vinyl cauldron somewhere in Switzerland. Fortunately, Creaked got the master tape back and Islands Of Memory is now finally getting released. The wait is over, and it was well worth it!

Through the brainchild ideas of Dag-Are Haugan and Espen Sommer Eide, Alog brings a breath of new and invigorating air to the electronic music scene with their very own blend of modern, melodic and minimal electronica merged with warm instruments and organic sounds.

Coming with a beautiful designed cover from Grandpeople, Islands Of Memory is definitely a must have for any curious fan of contemporary electronic music.

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