The Isotatic EP, the latest installment from the Seattle based duo Kylmyys, is a journey into space - both inner and outer. It's a work rigged and layered with triggers for the imagination, a soundtrack written to invoke a retro sci-fi odyssey through the mind's eye. The first song on the EP, "Ghost Of the Future Past", sounds as if it's been crafted with a Blade Runner-esque slash Alien (as in the movie) like sensibility. The music feels almost tactile throughout, analog, and relentless in creating highly nuanced dystopian undertones. The second track, "Very Jeremiah", emphasizes depth, "in a" and "of a" composition - while literally creating spiraling, bottomless vortex tunnels of sound. It's also a great blueprint for the progressive, linear song structures that pervade this release. "Automonation", which follows, explores the beauty in machine-like repetition. It works with an assembly line rhythm and logic, which over time methodically creates a song out of seemingly random modules - with a memorable hook line and all. The EP closes with "Barren Cross", a piece that accentuates vast space through sweeping, sizzling synth lines which somehow invoke a deserted landscape of a barren planet - or maybe it's a solar flare suspended in nothingness? And that right there is the true beauty of this release, the fact that it's the perfect vessel for your mind to roam about in while daydreaming.

Kylmyys's Isotatic Creaked debut EP also includes a bonus remix of "Very Jeremiah" crafted by the talented Swiss electronic producer Placyde. The tune is a beautiful rework that thoroughly respects the original, but builds on its themes in a completely novel way - adding a pinch of that dance floor groove, but minus the common day get-yo-boogie-on cliches.


Released on: 10.01.2014
Catalogue N°: CRDS39
Artwork by: Jason Chamberlain


1. Ghosts Of Future Past
2. Very Jeremiah
3. Automanation
4. Barren Cross
5. Very Jeremiah (Placyde Remix)

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