Look At Me

Cat. number: CRDS33
Release date: 14 Mar 2012

Two years later, the world of Joy Frempongs OY grows up with Look At Me, a 7-track EP made up of reinterpretations from 2010's critically acclaimed debut album First Box Then Walk.

The package includes a large group of talented Swiss artists like Ripperton (Perspectiv), Kadebostan (Freude-am-tanzen), Feldermelder and Casque, as well as Creaked labelmate's Julien Aubert and Consor. Chicago's young promising juke/footwork producer Dj Diamond (Planet Mu) also features on Look At Me.

The result brings a floor-friendly way of exploring and re-discovering OY's universe of childhood memories.

All artists on Look At Me approach OY's material from a very personal perspective, meticulously using Joy Frempong's impressive voice with their own trademark stylings and production techniques.

Julien Aubert's 'Look At Me' interpretation of « First Box Then Walk » is playful house with deep synth pads and continually evolving voice loops; Feldermelder majestically plunges « Trolls » into his slow-motion psychedelic beatscapes.

Casque's remix of « Snake » turns the track into an infectious groove complete with massive bass lines, fat drums and melodic synths; rising producer Kadebostan's take on « Cloudy Gallery » is warm and organic, 4/4 electro-house with addictive melodies and a smooth, late-night sax solo.

Ripperton's remix of « Laundry » is super catchy with a strong hook & bassline. Closing the EP, Consor brings a touch of electronic quietness on « New Year » with its splendid cloud-hopping and melancholic sounds.

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