Ever since, this half-Ghanian and half-Swiss versatile vocalist has moved freely in space and sound and has taken part in many musical undertakings. Joy is currently performing with several bands--experimental, jazz and indie, such as Phall Fatale and Sun of Moon. She has played extensive tours with Filewile (electro-dub/avant-pop) and has had guest appearances on both Big Dada releases of the eccentric hip-hop combo Infinite Livez vs Stade. Joy has also collaborated with quite a few 'old cat' improvisational musicians and even sang a duet with Italian canzoniere Lucio Dalla.

Thoroughly convinced of her vocal gifts, Creaked gave her a free pass early on to create an album of her own.                     

Joy completed a long-simmering project based on childhood memories which had started out as mostly vocal outlines but morphed into the debut of the artist OY. Drawing upon jazz, electronica and improvisation, OY's first CD, First Box Then Walk (2010), offered an alluring chemistry of kiddy-toy sounds, scraps of hip-hop and various paeans thrown in the direction of previous masters of scat.

The follow-up, Kokokyinaka (Spring 2013), featuring drummer and producer Lleluja-Ha, still sounds distinctively OY –just a tad more mature. It's a genre-bending, generously seasoned stew of Africa-inflected Electronica.   

OY brings an intense inner energy to her performance on stage, a mind-churning mixture of innocence and contrasting depth, spiced with a good sense of humor. The new live set-up, including drummer Lleluja-Ha, delivers more clubby moments. Various colorful stories and proverbs act as a golden thread woven into her offerings.

Throughout you'll recognize Joy Frempong's trade mark –her kaleidoscopic voice, changing color palettes and variegated textures and styles. All blended together with mechanical utterances from samplers and other sound machines.


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