Consor is the brainchild of a Swiss French-based artist who is an accomplished musician, playing everything from guitar, violin and piano to machines, computers, samplers and electronic tools. Since his debut solo album Mesantropia released in 2006, Consor has musically been very discreet.

We rarely have the chance to see him on stage under the name of Consor, although the Swiss electronic producer is active in a few others rock bands. Back in 2011 after five long years, he returns with a magnificent second full-length album called Tumult.

From warm and minimalist pop, to cold and melancholic electronic music and mechanical experimentations, Consor brings an exceptional and unique album of contemporary electronic music, which could be somewhere between Autechre, Mogwai and Plastikman. Complex and rough, keeping his own electronic charm and particular shoegaze touch, including frenetic rhythms, string and drones, hypnotic synth, whirring bass, guitars and beats, and building up a unique sense of space and endless beauty, Tumult is definitely something to possess and enjoy.


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Consor 'A Long Peaceful Journey' [Official Music Video]

Consor 'The Windtalker' [Official Music Video]