Outer Space Series Vol. 3

Cat. number: CRDS30
Release date: 18 Apr 2011

Closing the Outer Space Series with this outstanding third volume, Starting Teeth and their Canadian mate Jules Chaz share a common love for future textured electronic beatscapes, catchy soulful melodies, psycho synth pads, and a flurry of weird samples.

Since their debut album I Won't Do Anything I Can Do in 2008, Starting Teeth, formerly Hopen and Hrdvsion, have constantly been pushing electronic music forward with a unique sound aesthetic. With « Force », a crazy and trippy original track, Starting Teeth plunges into a haunted atmosphere, overlaying the melodic rhythm with percussion and finishes with wonderful synth pads melodies. The Jules Chaz remix is an epic instrumental hip hop cut. Trading psych-haunted pads for spacial field recordings, he turns it into a sunnier version.

Jules Chaz starts « Catnip Thunder » with a crackled vinyl sound, introducing then deep synth pads, a snap beat and sweet rumbling string to create a beautiful syncopated and glitchy hip hop track, while Starting Teeth twists it with humor on adding their very own beautiful soundscaped imprint, a catchy hook slow-motion drumbeat and finishes Catnip Thunder remix with a crackling vinyl to close the loop.

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