Music Grows On Trees

To celebrate our 5th Birthday, a debut various artists compilation was the obvious path to follow. So Music Grows On Trees sprang from the earth and spirit of our mind. Originally taking root in the beautiful town of Lausanne in Switzerland, the Creaked soundscape is still hard to categorize. One reason is because we never know what will come out from the ground before it actually shows up!

Showcasing the Creaked-imprinted roster, from the past to the present, as well as the future generation, Music Grows On Trees blossoms with unique buds! From new leaves such as Joe Galen, Oy, Julien Aubert and Sutekh, to the label's deepest root All Automatic Wash and Opak, as well as the current branches with the likes of Larytta, Starting Teeth, Consor, Mochipet and Bloodysnowman, Music Grows On Trees brings you exclusive green remixes, previously unreleased tracks that are just beginning to bloom!

All along the five years of its activity, the label has grown strong with budding newcomers and internationally renowned trees to build up a human worldwide network. We proudly invited nice birds to our branches to enhance this magical forest of music. You may catch a glimpse of Nathan Fake and Jason Waterfalls who flew down from England, Round Table Knights and Feldermelder who are local breeds and also special species such as M.Sayyid and Philippe Petit jumping over trunks...decorating Music Grows On Trees landscapes.


Released on: 08.10.2009
Catalogue N°: CRDS18
FormatCD / Digital
Artwork by: LeDouxville


1. OY - Positivili
2. Joe Galen - Believe the Weatherman (Jason Waterfalls Remix)
3. Larytta - Anal Zone W
4. Mochipet - Electro 888 (Feldermelder Remix)
5. Opak - Back to Paradise
6. Sutekh - It is Certainly Time (prelude)
7. Mochipet - Hi Voltage feat. M.Sayyid
8. All Automatic Wash - Terror and Darkness under Water
9. Starting Teeth - Venom (Nathan Fake Remix)
10. Larytta - The City Walls (Can you Afford a Round Table Knights Remix?)
11. Julien Aubert - Ruban
12. OY - Snake (Sutekh 'Acid in my Bed' Mix)
13. Bloodysnowman - Creep Sweep
14. Starting Teeth - The Ball feat. Philippe Petit
15. Consor - Plaxton Paragon (part 1)
16. Joe Galen - Meander

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