Cat. number: CRDS58
Release date: 16 Jun 2017

Enter Ella Soto: the underground producer making music fresh from Lausanne where she was born and raised. The 23-year-old artist stands for female empowerment with an essential new twist on modern RnB and a vision of progressive soul, encouraging women everywhere to be themselves no matter what they’ve been through or what society expects of them. With a warped, electronic blend of hip hop, bedroom beats, pop harmonies and soul, Ella Soto takes the sonic textures of the 90's spirit and crafts them into brand new, glistening shapes. 

Sisterhood represents a turning point for Ella Soto, marking this third release of her ascendant career after the out-of-nowhere debut EP We’re on a Mission. With influences ranging from Thundercat and Flying Lotus to the more 90's RnB pastures of Sade, Mariah Carey and TLC, she’s honed the precise art of creating a new pop music. This is reflected in her tracks where her wordplay, energy and lyrics are small insightful windows into her own experience, orchestrated by the electronic avant-garde and megamix house-style build-ups in pursuit of her unique vision. With this EP, she has pulled the parts together under the umbrella of Ella Soto, incorporating different voices and inspirations, a universe she is building for herself and everyone.

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