Glacial Raid

Glacial Raid is the latest release from La Vie c’est Facile on Creaked since the duo dropped their debut EP Fun Zone back in the fall of 2015. Intricate, energetic and simply breathtaking, this EP travels further into the abyss, carefully crafted to deliver an experience that pulls the listener into the deep, dark sonic space the pair inhabit.

La Vie c’est Facile have always taken their music further than most, resculpting aesthetics of early 2000s electronics and pushing beyond to the point where their composition sounds neither human nor machine-like. This is done to define their style and take listeners to the kinds of worlds evoked in futuristic, post-apocalyptic and dream-like scenes.

Flirting with new technology and blending cutting drum patterns, icy melodies, humming bass-heavy sounds, trancey synths, vocal samples and experimental textures, Glacial Raid arguably reflects their musical background, merged with modern genres such as instrumental grime, ‘post-club’ and urban influences.

In the past, the duo have shown their passion for linking fashion with art, music and clothes. Their two self-released EPs were paired with a hoodie in 2015 and a silkscreened crewneck in 2017. With this new EP, it was obvious for them to continue in the same creative direction. Glacial Raid comes with a hand-packed bundle limited to 50 copies containing a pair of white crew LVCF socks, a sticker and a digital download card.


Released on: 23.10.2020
Catalogue N°: CRDS62
Artwork by: Faacil2000


1. Ultraviolet
2. Neptune
3. Emperor
4. Transform
5. Raiden

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