Detuned Leashes

With Detuned Leashes, Geneva-based artist Owelle merges breakbeat, IDM and techno with field recordings, psyche-rock inspirations and trippy incantations. Although strongly inspired by the rave and club music scene, her compositions nevertheless tend toward experimentation, programming and sound spatialization. By combing unstoppable sub-bass wobbling, cutting-edge breaks and shrilly synth melodies with textured sound effects and destructured rhythms, Owelle brings all of the ingredients together in her own acidic-yet-quite-sweet cocktail of electronic music.

After several self-releases and performances in the Geneva area, across Switzerland and beyond, Owelle takes a new step within her musical journey while sharping her style with conviction. Mixed and mastered by Feldermelder, this brand new 5-track EP includes a remix by Lausanne producer Atønal to complete her debut on Creaked.


Released on: 24.03.2023
Catalogue N°: CRDS75
Artwork by: Bastian Moosburger


1. Yeah
2. Reversed Gravity
3. Your Words Against Mine
4. K3679ZT
5. K3679ZT (Atønal Remix)

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