Cat. number: CRDS19
Release date: 18 Jan 2010

Press play and get ready to discover childlike wonder! Indeed your first nibble of OY's musical Jambalaya is the single Snake. Taken from the upcoming full-length entitled First Box Then Walk, this quirky, textured, lo-fi-dada-improv-soul-jazz-hop-electronica-something cut is the perfect introduction to OY's vast sonic world.

So be prepared to be entertained, surprised, challenged and to smile because not all good music takes itself seriously! And remember...this is only the appetizer! Features remixes from all over the world by Jason Waterfalls (UK), Mexicans with Guns (US), Reverse Engineering (CH) and labelmate Tidy Kid (AUS).

At night there's a snake hiding under my bed / I'm afraid to get up for it might bite me / but sometimes I just got to pee / so what can I do?

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