The Windtalker

Cat. number: CRDS27
Release date: 07 Mar 2011

Since his debut solo album Mesantropia, released in 2006, Consor has musically been very discrete. We rarely have the chance to see him on stage under the name of Consor, although the Swiss electronic producer is active in a few other rock bands.

Back in 2011 after five long years, he returns with this new digital EP followed by Tumult, his magificent second full-length scheduled for the end of May.

The eight-song The Windtalker EP contains two remixes, comes with four bonus tracks taken Winter Session EP –a self-demo originally released only in CD-R format in 2004, and one of Consor's previously unreleased cuts.

The track « The Windtalker » begins quietly with gentle synth pads, deep guitar melodies, and destructured field recordings unfolding into a soft and peaceful ambient masterpiece. Los Angeles Non Project's new talent, Asura, reshapes it by adding on watery vocals and skull-filling drumbeats, giving a more pop-like version while labelmate Joe Galen turns it into a melancholic dancefloor cut.

In addition, in tracks from the Winter Session, Consor returns to his very first style of production, more lo-fi, complex and rough, keeping his own electronic charm and particular shoegaze touch, including frenetic rhythms, string and drones, hypnotic synth, whirring bass, guitar and beats. 

The outro « Octolombric » uses left and right pan effects, destabilizing rhythms, a lot of reverb to build up a unique sense of space and an endless beauty.

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