Cat. number: CRDS32
Release date: 06 Jun 2011

After five long years, Swiss multi-instrumentalist and producer Consor, will release his magnificent sophomore album entitled Tumult, June 6th 2011.

Initially gaining musical experience playing rock with different bands, Consor went on to explore and create a different type of music, whilst working on his on personal projects. Using field samples, electrical noises and other instruments, he crafted a beautiful debut album Mesantropia, which dropped on Creaked in the fall of 2006.

From the very beginning Consor's music has been about exploring new auditory territories and breaking genre-barriers. He recently released The Windtalker EP, which takes the listener on a journey through many soundscapes: Electronica, Ambient, Pop, Shoegaze, Experimental and beyond.

The new album is far more than a logical progression from his past work. On this new release Consor successfully showcases his talent as a superior track-structuring architect.

Tumult fuses together electronic ambient-tinged textures, with organic-grade emotional sounds. It delivers brilliant melodies and musical ideas using a variety of instruments, not only electronic, but also guitar, violin, strings and drums, all sufused with a peaceful quietness that is seldom heard in much of today's electronic music. Tumult is hosted by sweet voices, the beautifully tender « Hoarfrost » and the atmospherically progressive « In The Mist » helping to add amazing depth to the album.

Exploring moody and atmospheric horizons, Consor combines his sense for glorious dronescapes with sensitive vibes and eerie sounds. His sensibility brings a warm touch of humanity to the songs, resulting in a wonderful record that is best listened to straight through from beginning to end.

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