Tumult Remixed

Tumult, Consor’s second album, came out in 2011. Samuel Vaney, as Consor, has moved from an experimental post-rock producer to a multidisciplinary creative composer exploring the endless possibilities of organic and electronic instruments. Even though Consor has been inactive for a while, he does take part in many musical projects and focuses his time more on studio mixing and mastering other artists or bands.

Ten years later, Tumult Remixed gathers together a group of like-minded producers and musicians to re-interpret some tracks taken off his magnificent opus. London-based ambient experimental producer Specimens kicks things off with a detailed and sensitive re-work of "A Long Peaceful Journey". Swiss duo Les Poissons Autistes fills "Hoarfrost" with eerie atmospheres, powerful sub-bass and tender sweet voices. Norwegian contemporary composer Phonophani exchanges "Old Oak" forest bird sounds with nordic seagull field recordings, imparting a delicate sea mood to the original version. While Bristol producer Memotone fiddles with the vibe on "Ayako" to create intense and weird emotions, Swiss Blizzard Audio Club label head Pavel re-imagines it as a sensuous slow heartbeat-techno blended with drum breaks and spooky pads.

Consor himself makes two contributions showcasing once again his grasp of instrumentation and tone. On "Rusty Handcuffs" under his drone/ambient pseudonym Muhd he chops and screws it up to drastically modify the feeling of the track. Then on "Ayako" with Fargue, his new collaboration with a Finnish guitarist, they explore warm earthy sounds with synthetic hues, expanding atmospheres and pulsating industrial elements.


Released on: 25.06.2021
Catalogue N°: CRDS67
Artwork by: Horsform


1. A Long Peaceful Journey (Specimens Remix)
2. Hoarfrost (Les Poissons Autistes Remix)
3. Ayako (Fargue Remix)
4. Old Oak (Phonophani ‘Nussfjord Kittiwake’ Remix)
5. Ayako (Pavel Remix)
6. Rusty Handcuffs (Muhd Remix)
7. Ayako (Memotone ‘Recentered’ Mix)

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