No Secrets

Having just made a colorful appearance on Creaked freshly released remix compilations albums, Sri Lankan Londoner Suren Seneviratne also known as My Panda Shall Fly strikes again. He reveals his debut EP on the label with the 4-track No Secrets, a meticulous exploration into the unusual time-signature territory, laden with his signature sound of bleeps, bloops and blurps.

Armed with his fiery long beard and copious back-catalogue of compelling experimental work, My Panda Shall Fly has garnered a lot of attention within the electronic music & sound art community. No Secrets unleashes these instrumental rainbow narratives that are so powerful and shift form, texture and flavor ever-so-seamlessly. Combining alternative programming techniques with bass-orientated themes, these tracks evoke an upbeat yet mellow resonance impossible to resist.

The complex tapestry of sound and whispering lullabies of My Panda Shall Fly weaves within the leftfield frameworks will have you eager for repeated listens, delving deeper and deeper each time, with much detail to be extracted along the way. Get ready for an ethereal.


Released on: 28.04.2014
Catalogue N°: CRDS42
Artwork by: Spitzhorn


1. Chinchilla
2. Japanese Woman
4. Goonz

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