Al-Sarwib is anything but a traditional rock band. As a member of the Biel/Bienne musical and creative community, the septet formed in 2016 around the idea that puts asymmetry at the center of their music. "Superimposed Asymmetric Rhythm With International Bluesguitar", the very name of the band carries its profession of faith on its shoulder.

In 2017, Mesa, the band's first album recorded spontaneously, opened a first window on its artistic vision. We discovered an ultra-gripping and inspiring formula that draws its inspiration from four continents. Original blues, desert rock, psychedelia, music from the African continent, hip-hop, folk, oriental sounds —Al-Sarwib has been working since the beginning to find the right balance between trance music and melodic generosity.

Al-Sarwib is a total aesthetic project that puts the narrative and evocative force of music at the forefront. In Mesa, we are introduced to the story of Leï, a hunted fugitive woman. On their new album, Loin des Terres (December 2021), the group evokes in music the destiny of her son Louies, in search of his identity, supported by the mage Alzar. Recorded in a more elaborate way than its predecessor, this second opus deepens their musical research tinged with nomadism and esotericism. On stage, Al-Sarwib's music takes on another dimension thanks to its recipe of seven voices, four guitars, two drums and a keyboard. Loin des Terres is accompanied by a series of videos written and produced by the band members. Enough to make the trip last indefinitely.

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