Grace Core

Grace Core triumphs by placing the languages of post-rave, ambient and 90s dance underneath an umbrella of hypnotic and retro-futuristic modern pop music. With her strange, incantatory-dancing presence, she spins an arcane musical universe, at the crossroads of gabber, hip-hop, trance and possessed chanting with deconstructed arrangements that thrive on schizophrenic build-ups of spells that cannot be easily escaped.                 

Initiated into the hardstyle and gabber scene at the tender age of 13, Grace Core found a path she loved dearly. Taking things further, she has managed to bring a hybrid, contemporary touch to her song styling without deviating from her origins. The route has been eventful and varied, embracing a rich harvest of musical genres —got from travelling around the globe, swapping ideas over the internet, composing meditation and experimental themes and performing intense dance shows. Although the cool sounds of the 90s and hip-hop are an inspiration, Grace Core’s apparitions are imbued with the sultriness of voodoo rituals. Music and dance are thus woven together in a cryptic and bewitching ceremony.


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Grace Core - Breeze (Lord RAJA Remix) [Official Music Video]