With Grace Core’s luminously warm EP, KRSNA, the artist has offered up a hi-energy provocative style blended with possessed chanting, modern pop, post-rave and hypnotic trance. These elements have come together to occupy a remarkably weird place all its own. Taking cues and hints from pop-inspired releases, KRSNA slowly progresses from atmospheric and dreamy uplifting melodies to increased tempos with powerful, lilting synths and addictive, pounding and relentless drum kicks. It showcases a deconstructed panoramic set of tracks that shimmer with confidence and wonder created by the unique inner logic of Grace Core’s sound world. Finally entering brainspaces this Fall, the result is a record that sounds both focused and coherent, flowing with a conceptual ease that leaves the listener completely fulfilled and open-jawed.


Released on: 11.12.2015
Catalogue N°: CRDS53
Format12" / Digital
Artwork by: Emmanuel Rey & Hervé Annen


1. NN2
2. Vorax
3. Violet
4. Breeze
5. Jahar

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