Man invented instruments of war just as mankind invented musical instruments: one shows our primitive past and destructive tendencies, while the other taps into higher cerebral frequencies which acknowledge the Collective Consciousness.                                 

Enter Kylmyys: Popularly referred to as an electronic/acoustic ambient act, perhaps more accurately this synth-duo could be described as artistic portrayers of the interaction between the blue planet and its denizens, crossing the flesh/metal divide by creating melodies and rhythms with new and old technologies. Kylmyys is truly multi-selective: These soundscapers blur genre boundaries with enigmatic, fluxing landscapes of sound, visiting an array of styles from Ambient, to Trip Hop, to IDM.                              

Hailing from the city of Seattle amongst romantic, rain-drenched back alleyways and awe-inspiring, snowcapped, mountain tops peeking through billowy clouds, Kylmyys musicians Brian Kidd and Jason Chamberlain do not have to travel far to find musical inspiration.                       

Kylmyys invites you to immerse yourself into its entrancing compositions and be transported into the musical milieu of percussive glitches interwoven with lush ambient soundscapes connecting to a scene larger than yourself.


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Kylmyys - Ghosts Of Future Past [Official Music Video]