Nic as Well

Nic As Well, formerly Lemonick, emerged from Vevey, Switzerland, propelled by the discovery of Mr. Oizo's "Flat Beat" on a skateboard forum, igniting his passion for electronic music. Winning Electrosanne's young talent competition in 2012 and securing a spot on Couleur 3's "Set Actuel" broadcast in 2013 propelled him into the spotlight of French-speaking Switzerland's music scene. Selected for the Red Bull Music Academy in 2015, his talent gained international recognition.

As a representative of the internet-savvy Y generation, Nic As Well seamlessly blends fresh discoveries with timeless classics in his DJ sets. His versatile productions, featured on labels like Even The Strong, COD3 QR and Nervous Horizon draw inspiration from diverse influences, from rave signals to post-dubstep elements. Transitioning from his new moniker marked a maturation of his musical style, refining his sound with creativity and experimentation.

With a highly anticipated album set for 2025 release and an appearance on the forthcoming Creaked's 20th anniversary compilation, Nic As Well continues to push limits and explore new auditory realms. His monthly show on Couleur 3 serves as a platform for expanding musical knowledge, showcasing his unwavering dedication to the art form.

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