Creaked Presents Files Rec: Reboot

Launched in early 2013, Creaked's new affiliate Files Rec. releases underground club music by up-and-coming artists. With Reboot, Files Rec. explores the whole range of the electronic music scene, bringing together talented, like-minded artists working in wildly different fields of dancefloor experimentation under one roof.

Krizzli's "Squirrels in the Sky" and Galtier's "Papi" powerful bass rhythms are cut alongside the more synth-pop and melodic chords of Akito in "A.M. Embrace" or She's Drunk in "New Area". Reboot embraces dance music, grime, bass, techno, jungle and, yes, electronic music, but its emotional core is its biggest asset. It plays like a lovely assembled mix, showcasing brief and percussive dance tracks built to easily seduce you into obsessive repeated listenings.

The Reboot compilation is eclectic. Within its stylistic diversity, the joyful ghetto-bass of Lemonick's "Stab", for example, can sit right next to La Vie C'est Facile's "Total Shell", a much more grimey and moody piece. Later on the tracklist can one hear the bass-garage of Galtier's "True Type". Whatever the diversity, there’s always a distinctly club spirit mood.

The exclusive Isolated Lines remix of Krizzli's "Fig Seven", Ansome's "Smeatons" and Dusty Corners' "DITW" complete the selection by infusing dark disorienting techno cuts with precise, hypnotic and industrial energy. The sweltering acidic closing track that is Kalli's "Bodypop Sinewave" is a perfectly fitting end to a compilation that announces the return of Files Rec., a label that twists every genre it touches into a club-night sojourn.


Released on: 15.06.2015
Catalogue N°: CRDS51
FormatCD / Digital
Artwork by: Loïc Dupasquier


1. Akito - A.M. Embrace
2. She's Drunk - New Area
3. Krizzli - Squirrels In The Sky
4. Galtier - Papi
5. Lemonick - Stab
6. La Vie C'est Facile - Total Shell
7. Dusty Corners - DITW
8. Galtier - True Type
9. Lemonick - Percussive Maintenance
10. Ansome - Smeatons
11. Krizzli - Fig Seven (Isolated Lines Remix)
12. Kalli - Bodypop Sinewave

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