Scarlett stands as a versatile French artist, composer, and DJ, commanding attention within the electronic music sphere for her diverse fusion of genres and spellbinding stage presence. As a pivotal member of the media collective Couvre x Chefs, she has lent her sonic mastery to prestigious fashion events while immersing herself in the pulsating realm of club music, challenging conventions with her cutting-edge DJ performances. 

Traversing through a myriad of sonic realms, Scarlett's musical explorations span from experimental pop to techno-infused beats, collaborating with revered talents like Rosa Pistola and O.L.I.V.I.A. Her recent EP ventures, including "Thin Ice" and "Signs," delve into  introspective narratives, a testament to her evolution as an artist and her commitment to crafting thought-provoking, socially conscious music. 

Beyond the confines of traditional music creation, Scarlett embraces live performances and sensory experiences, drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of influences to weave intricate compositions that resonate deeply with her audience. Driven by an unwavering pursuit of artistic excellence, she continually pushes the boundaries of electronic music, creating her own music universe.