Believe the Weatherman

"Believe the Weatherman", the second delightfully winning single from Manchester-based Joe Galen's Creaked debut For Triangles begins as an apology...and ends as a love song. Soft vocal harmonies accompanied by flutes and glockenspiel create a tender bittersweet atmosphere, like something you'd want to listen to on a sunny Sunday morning. Its simple lyrics, straightforward structure and crystalline melodies make "Believe the Weatherman" an exquisitely happy-go-lucky track, a real debonair anthem. The single also includes the instrumental version as well as two Swiss remixes from Ghostape and Filewile, which bring a more bouncy, dub club twist to it.

To get your ears all worked up, Kid Chocolat's exclusive version of "Contravention" is a clean-cut remix with a distinctive crispy techno feel to it. Finally, the bonus track "Enraptured Carpets" adds the perfect finishing touch to this second Joe Galen single.


Released on: 23.06.2010
Catalogue N°: CRDS23
Artwork by: Joseph Lindley


1. Believe the Weatherman
2. Believe the Weatherman (Instrumental)
3. Believe the Weatherman (Ghostape Remix)
4. Believe the Weatherman (Filewile Remix)
5. Contravention (Kid Chocolat Remix)
6. Enraptured Carpets

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