Big Scary Woods

With the Big Scary Woods EP, Bloodysnowman is back on Creaked, heralding the spooky and slow rave influence forward. Striding along a psychedelic and eerie path of the electronic, Bay Area producer Shawn Porter goes back and forth from pulsating, glitched instrumental hip-hop, metallic and lazer sounds, lof-fi floating pads, hypnotic and haunted atmospheres, heavy bass lines, epics synth anthems, and dancehall beatscapes.

The songs on Bloodysnowman's Big Scary Woods EP contain massive music soundscapes, making it a definitive portrait of Porter's creative universe. The track "Underwater Stars" begins with a huge West Coast glitch noise imprint and an incisive upbeat, mixed with an epic synth cut melody line. Next up is "Animal Candy" with Bloodysnowman's razor edge lazer sounds and its colossal beat which makes it one of the highlights of the EP. Fat metallic subs and frightening voices, the foggy ten minute long slow motion piece "Even the Eyes Have Eyes" fits perfectly for deep subway headphone sessions.

The dubbed out death trance "Red Rainbows" brings together an up-tempo beat and cut off 90's Euro dance melodies while paranoiac "Psychic Sunrise" drapes its slow and hypnotic sub-marine techno beat with aggressive high frequencies for an emotionally stirring result. The closing track "Hypno Trails" takes aquatic and deafening glitch fragments with a punchy ragga beat. Bloodysnowman proves yet again with his very personal approach of doing electronic music that he's without question a bright West side representative of this superlative musical movement.


Released on: 10.09.2010
Catalogue N°: CRDS24
Artwork by: Kelly Porter


1. Underwater Stars
2. Animal Candy
3. Even the Eyes Have Eyes
4. Red Rainbows
5. Psychic Sunrise
6. Hypno Trails

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