Emerging from Geneva’s club scene, Owelle takes bright colors and eclectic accents to shape her own acidic-yet-quite-sweet cocktail of electronic music. Her compositions are imagined and built without boundaries in constant experimentation by combining electronica, psyche rock inspirations, filed recordings, clubs beats and vocals. Owelle is equally passionate about interactive tools that she subtly incorporates into her musical works such as programming, sound spatialization and installations.

Skilled behind the decks as well as in her live shows, Owelle blends styles and moods by using techno, IDM, breakbeat and many other ingredients, offering an addictive taste in her seasoned rhythms and melodies. Her smashing mixes caught the attention of Elena Colombi, who invited her to her show on NTS Radio.

On performances in festivals as Paléo, La Bâtie, Electron and Antigel, Owelle has shown her love for electronic music productions taking the audience through a spatiotemporal journey. After several self-releases, she drops two EPs in 2023: “Detuned Leashes” (mixed and mastered by Feldermelder) on Creaked, and « It’s Okay » on the Amsterdam based label Dee Dee’s Picks. Prepare to take-off!


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Owelle - Taming [Official Music Video]