Jura Libre

The latest release from the Swiss duo Larytta, entitled Jura Libre, is a chunky, massive, intelligent, colorful (in that full on tropical way) four-song collection of club bangers. To be exact the full set actually consists of two original songs with an in-house Larytta remix of a piece. The originals lean on pronounced inflections of playful, tricky, afro-tropical rhythms, while the reworks go for a more direct four-to-the-floor approach –straight for the jugular.

Apart from the vibrant, tight production, what unifies all of these tracks is a head nod towards that nineties club sound, especially that golden age acid rave material. This is music made not only by great producers, but heads that really know and love clubbing culture and history and know how to tastefully reference the past. The EP closes with "Bota Mão Pra Encima" which features Brazilian emcee Junior, and that's the point at which you start to question if this EP was truly cut in Switzerland.


Released on: 15.04.2016
Catalogue N°: CRDS55
Format12" / Digital
Artwork by: Andreas Hochuli


1. Sexy Front
2. Sexy Front (Larytta Remix)
3. Bota Mão Pra Encima feat. Junior
4. Bota Mão Pra Encima (Larytta Remix)

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