Outer Space Series Vol. 1

Promising Julien Aubert and confirmed talent Gregorythme are the perfect opening act for this Outer Space Series Vol. 1. From complex techno percussion and bouncy modernized house sounds to gentle electronica textures and subtle melodic flourishes, both producers deliver outstanding, entirely brilliantly structured tracks to listeners.

In the feature "Night Sketch", Julien Aubert deeply builds complex and sophisticated rhythms and combines them with tight, smooth melodies and subtle bass, keeping an experimental structure and revealing his inner depths as an artist. Adding a sustained kick drum and minimizing complexed melodies, Gregorythme brings his version into a more dance-floor nighttime scene.

Half of the notorious minimal house Digitaline and founder of Lausanne's new dance imprint Raoul, Gregorythme delivers "Baudruche", a housey track with a solid bassline and a catchy hook, addictive synth melodies and subtle crackled rhythms. On Julien Aubert's remix, he pushes the tempo up to a spacey, deep and propulsive tech-house version to dose this first volume in an absolutely majestic way.


Released on: 04.04.2011
Catalogue N°: CRDS28
Artwork by: TWRA


1. Julien Aubert - Night sketch
2. Julien Aubert - Night Sketch (Gregorythme Remix)
3. Gregorythme - Baudruche
4. Gregorythme - Baudruche (Julien Aubert Remix)

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