Gregory Poncet has been involved for almost two decades in the electronic music scene as a producer, performer and label manager. Under Gregorythme, his solo moniker, he released records on labels such as Cityfox, Lost Diaries, Rebirth, Minibar and Nr19, just to name a few. In 2011, he founded Raoul Records to put his own music out as well as releases from some of the most talented and innovative artists in Switzerland.

Gregorythme has consistently developed his trademark sound: musicality combined with a creative flair. He tries something new in every track by bringing as much emotion as possible into his composition. Known and respected as a tireless and uncompromising artist, his records are catching the attention of those on the lookout for fresh sounding and surprising tracks for the dance floor. In every release he has shown a taste for pure grooves and psychedelic atmospheres and has defined himself more as a song maker than a tool maker.

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