Tears of Joy

Since his debut in the mid-90’s, Gregorythme has been involved in several music projects such as indie-rock bands Parazit, Machnick and notorious minimal techno duo Digitaline. Known for his ethereal and hypnotic productions he has garnered, with his solo moniker, unequivocal praise from many in the international electronic scene since the beginning of this century.

After the Outer Space Series Vol. 1 split with Julien Aubert back in 2011, Gregorythme finally returns to Creaked with Tears of Joy bringing his atmospheric composition to the music that he first started producing, vocal pop. Landing somewhere between electronic and pop, the song is an elegant combination of effects and harmony, including his most personal lyricism to date.

This one-off special single contains two remixes from talented French Berlin-relocated She's Drunk and Zambian brainchild producer SHE Spells Doom.


Released on: 08.03.2019
Catalogue N°: CRDS59
Artwork by: Céline Pugin


1. Tears of Joy
2. Tears of Joy (She's Drunk Remix)
3. Tears of Joy (SHE Spells Doom Remix)

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