Persuasion (Back & Forth)

With “Persuasion (Back & Forth)" the first single off his upcoming debut album For Triangles, Joe Galen delivers a sensitive yet upbeat folksy song that plunges you head first into his contrasted world. Soft flutes accompany strident chimes, while a deep piano compounds the bass line, electronia twirls flickering between the bars. Joe Galen’s gentle voice brings a delicate and quirky balance to make "Persuasion (Back & Forth)" a timeless and messy pop song with a catchy hook.

The single contains two exclusives remixes. Texas-based Ernest Gonzales turns his buoyant ‘Persuaded’ version to become a dancefloor hit, adding a strong kick, glitchy sounds, shuffled rhythmics, claps and subtely cutting the vocals. While mysterious Joe Galen’s fellow Mancunian Jason Waterfalls chops the melody up to bring out a sophisticated and peaceful instrumental version, replacing the voice with acoustic rhythms, and electronic sounds. Pianos and guitars build a majestic, organic and warm remix.


Released on: 17.09.2009
Catalogue N°: CRDS17
Artwork by: Joseph Lindley


1. Persuasion (Back & Forth)
2. Persuasion (Back & Forth) (Ernest Gonzales Remix)
3. Persuasion (Back & Forth) (Jason Waterfalls Remix)

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