Difficult Remixes

After teasing our hungry brains with their debut album, Difficult Fun, Larytta left us empty, craving more. Finally, two years later they have sent their friends to the rescue and are back with the new digital EP Difficult Remixes, giving them some brand-new spit 'n polished versions. Ed Banger's new 'protégé' Mickey Moonlight from London, Chicago’s Chrissy Murderbot, and Swiss mates Bauchamp, Toboggan, Crowdpleaser & Emilie Nana, and lastly the mysterious Tod McFloyd are brought together to produce this bouncy and deliciously fun array of remixes!

Mickey Moonlight takes on the early Larytta classic "Ya-Ya-Ya", filling in the gaps and turning it into an exuberant dance-floor smash hit with an almost vocal house twist to it. One glance at the track list leaves no doubt about which Larytta song has hit hardest, with three remixes of "Tous Mes Amis". First up, the Lausanne homie Bauchamp, who delivers a bright and positively dancehall version; then with his 90’s ghetto-house remix, Chrissy Murderbot brings a raw and dirty version made for street block parties and night-peak dance floors. Finally an elegantly infectious poised late-night minimal techno remix by Geneva producers Crowdpleaser & Emilie Nana.

Tod Mcfloyd’s "The City Walls" remix stays very true to Larytta's spirit, blending dabs of Rn’B and false arrogance with their usual fun-loving extravagance, he bumped it with 90’s breakbeat rhythms. With this incredible and stunning indie rock cover of "Wonder Vendor", Toboggan swapped Stevie for Lemmy and took us to sensual places with whom one would never have imagined of anyone with a handlebar mustache.


Released on: 13.10.2010
Catalogue N°: CRDS26
Artwork by: Koerner Union


1. Ya-Ya-Ya (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
2. Tous Mes Amis (Bauchamp Remix)
3. Tous Mes Amis (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
4. Tous Mes Amis (Emilie Nana & Crowdpleaser Remix)
5. Wonder Vendor (Toboggan 'Lemmy' Cover)
6. The City Walls (Tod McFloyd Remix)

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