Unicorn Glowsticks Rave Party

Unicorn Glowsticks Rave Party brings together San Francisco-based producers Mochipet and Bloodysnowman to create a stunning and crazy, conceptual "split versus" EP, which takes you back to old massive rave music atmospheres.

With “Electro 888”, Mochipet emphasizes the strongest elements of its music aesthetics with a massive drum kick, simple melodies, and bumpy rhythms, while Bloodysnowman keeps a fine slice of psychedelic 8 bits electronic with “Neon Wizard Championship”.
Additionally, each artist provides a remix version of the other’s track. As a common space for two of electronic music's gifted minds, Unicorn Glowsticks Rave Party is an unprecedented battle of whistles, where each side gives you an irresistible urge to move your feet. Bring your glowsticks out and dance!


Released on: 27.03.2008
Catalogue N°: CRDS11
Format12" / Digital
Artwork by: David Wang


1. Mochipet - Electro 888
2. Bloodysnowman - Neon Wizard Championship (Mochipet Bloodyglowsticks Mix)
3. Bloodysnowman - Neon Wizard Championship
4. Mochipet - Electro 888 (Bloodysnowman Remix)

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