15 Years Of Nonsense And Beauty

Cat. number: CRDS60
Release date: 08 Nov 2019

Join us in celebrating 15 years of Creaked. To commemorate this anniversary we have organized several events throughout the year and put together a special box set that will boast a various-artists compilation including exclusive tracks, a postcard, a cassette tape and goodies. Limited to 30, each anniverary box set comes hand-numbered and is only available to order from our online store starting on November 8th.

Over its decade-and-a-half activity, the label Creaked has put out sixty releases -each one a restless, reckless enigmatic art statement, not one of them sounding like the previous one and what was expected to be released. Straddling the edge of abstract electronics, shimmering avant-pop, techno and cutting-edge dance floor experimentation, this anniversary compilation features a 15-track selection, eleven original tracks and four remixes, exclusively hand-picked by founder and A&R Léo Wannaz to celebrate the past, present and the future of his thriving independent label’s wide-ranging and adventurous catalog.

This celebration of independent artistic talent encompasses the early leftfield electronica of Consor, Julien Aubert, Gregorythme and Cosili, to powerhouse Larytta's indie afro-pop and Paris new iconic Buvette, Luzern electronic icons S S S S and Nuitunit, Seattle-based trip-hop duo Kylmyys, through to the stars of tomorrow with forefront productions from Isolated Lines, La Vie c’est Facile, Gaspard de La Montagne Nunu, Los Orioles and the natural vocal prowess of Ella Soto.

Conceptualized by graphic designer Billy Ben and photographer Tamara Janes, the artwork in all totally illustrates what the Creaked label's nonsense and beauty might be described visually.

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